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The nutritional — material value of food is important. Diet plays a very important part in the promotion and maintenance of good health.

    Be moderate
    Understand food
    Understand self
    And follow the seasons for a long
    and healthy life
The nutritional — material value of food is important. However, equally important are the needs of your body and the effect that food as a whole (including ways of preparing and eating) has on your body and in particular the effect it has on the digestive system.

When the body has a problem of disease there are certain foods which will aid a cure and some which will increase the problem. Through experience the Chinese have found specific foods affect particular organs or parts of the body. For example, when the liver has a disorder, then pork adversely affects it if eaten. Foods which are too sour, spicy or salty or which cause too much gas or acid (especially onions) in the stomach must be avoided for ulcers. For lung and mucous problems, fish, bananas and dairy products must be avoided as they increase the mucous in the body. In cases of the common cold, chicken is not eaten and fatty or oily foods should be avoided.

These are only a small range of examples where food is good for you under normal conditions but bad an adverse reaction on the body when it is not balanced.

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