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The Chinese medical therapist asserts health is a state of balance between these levels; the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It is a wholistic approach to healing.


Man is perceived as a multi-dimensional being functioning on many levels simultaneously.

Permeating all levels is an invisible system of pathways or (meridians) through which energy flows. This energy is called Qi.

Pathology can develop at any one or a number of these levels and for healing to occur, all areas must be treated.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon the knowledge and understanding of how this energy system in Man operates and expresses itself via Man’s nature. This requires the understanding of such abstract cosmological concepts, as the Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, and how they apply to man’s body and behaviour.

To become proficient in these healing arts, at least 7 years training is necessary. During which time, the healer learns the very exact and complex skill of diagnosing diseases and ascertaining their originating cause. He then learns how to bring that person’s system back to a state of balance by using one or all 5 of the therapies which comprise traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has a holistic approach to the body. this means that in diagnosis and treatment, it is the whole body which is treated rather than only one part of the body or a set of symptoms.

Illness is caused by imbalances between parts of the body, and to bring about good health, balance must be restored. This is because all parts of the body are dependant on each other, and a pain or problem in one area may originate somewhere quite different. (For example - swelling ankles could be caused by kidneys, so your kidneys will be treated, not just your ankle). Unless the real cause of the problem is found and treated, symptoms will simply come back again.

Because the patient is often only aware of symptoms (pain, swelling, weakness, etc.) it may be difficult for him to understand why the problem cannot be fixed quickly in 1 or 2 treatments. The practitioner sees the causes behind these symptoms and applies treatment in stages because the body is not capable of being rebalanced in a short time.

- Herbal Medicine
- Acupuncture/Moxibustion
- Massage
- Nutrition
- Tai Chi

Any combination of these five are used according to the condition of the patient, and the choice is made as a result of the Traditional Chinese Diagnosis. After diagnosis is made, the treatment methods may change as the condition of the patient changes. By using these five forms of treatment, the practitioner endeavours to help the patient, however, success of the treatment depends not only on this, but also on the patients themselves.

It is important to the treatment that the patient follows any advice given on diet, exercise, lifestyle and instruction on taking herbs. if they do not, then success will be slower and more difficult to achieve. Hence there is a responsibility for the patient to carry out any such instructions.

Therapies available:
  1. Herbal Medicine: The use of medicinal herbs to heal the body.

  2. Acupuncture/Moxibustion: How to influence ‘chi’ flow through the body by using specialised instruments.

  3. Cupping: Tactile therapy to stimulate and manipulate the physical body and its energy system.

  4. Nutrition: The use of foods to heal the body and affect the body’s energy system.

Patient Advice
  • Write down questions you wish to ask, so that you do ask when the opportunity is there.
  • When receiving acupuncture: DO NOT move limbs while needles are in. DO NOT wash relevant areas until one hour after the removal of needles.
  • Herbs given are imported from China, and do not have English names. the reason for giving herbs is that they work internally.
  • Continue the treatment throughout the time between visits. Without herbs, more frequent treatments would be necessary.
  • Trust the treatment - give it adequate time to achieve results.

Treatment Fees

Initial Consult - $90
Follow-up Consult - $60

Herbal medicine is charged separately and varies from patient to patient.

$10 discount is available for pensioners and students.

Health find rebates available from most major health funds.

George A. Baksheev
Adv. Dip. TCM, Dip AC, Cert. Mass, Grad. Dip. Herb

After 30 years of humble service to the community, you may benefit from my experience.

Member AACMA No. 1922
Registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency) and the Chinese Herbal Medicine Board of Australia for Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (No. CMR0001739377)

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